About Pixter.me

We are picture people. We’re also product people. Most importantly, we’re people people. We created Pixter.Me from this DNA, with a simple goal: to make you happy.

Our vision is also simple:

To bring irresistible products that customers can create from images they love on any website app or social page where these pictures already exist.

Our team of creative, technology, merchandise and logistics experts bring this vision to market with an obsessive addiction to the ultimate user experience.

From the moment visitors discover that they can create their own products with images they love on your site, through the creation process, super simple checkout and the wonderful experience when their new treasure arrives at home, we bring smiles to faces around the world because we know that customer service is king.

Beyond the feeling of sharing smiles, we’re also a business.

We know how hard it is to keep people engaged and coming back to websites, social media pages and apps. We also understand the challenge in monetizing these visitors and the millions of images that decorate the internet, entertaining us… for free.  This is why we created Pixter.Me product-picture stores, ready to instantly plug in to any website, social media page or app.  Site and app owners monetize images and visitors, and these customers enjoy irresistible unique products featuring their favorite images for very attractive prices… this win-win keeps them coming back for more.

Inside this fun, engaging experience is serious technology.

Our proprietary technology proactively helps sell - instantly applying personalized pictures to a range of products, with smart suggestions that entice people to play, share and buy the product they see ready with their own favorite image before their eyes. Our international logistics matching multiple products, suppliers and recipients work seamlessly across devices and platforms to give every visitor the best experience. Most importantly, we’ve created an ‘instant play’ fully functioning store from promotion to unique product creation, checkout, global home delivery and support – so you can start entertaining your customers and hearing that virtual cash register within minutes.

This is how we turn moments into memories, and pictures into irresistible products.

We look forward to serving you.


For any additional inquiry – be invited to contact us at: publishers@pixter.me


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